Air Cylinder Allows Ultra-Fine Tension Control

An air cylinder provides smooth operation and controls tension to less than 0.5 gram to produce special fiber sensors that are as small as 0.0013-in. diameter Applying tension is a very common requirement in a variety of manufacturing operations. But sometimes high precision is needed in the control of the tension. For those situations, a […]

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      An important high technology manufacturer builds processing equipment used in the fabricating of semiconductor integrated circuits. One operation in their chemical / mechanical polisher (CMP) involves lowering a cassette of silicon wafers into a rinse tank, then raising it. This sounds simple enough but a cassette can contain as many as 25 wafers etched […]

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Anti-Stiction Air Cylinder Improves Membrane Switch Testing

An Air cylinder that uses a carbon /graphite piston within a glass housing produces precise and repeatable motion during membrane switch testing.   A precision low friction cylinder with a piston that slides on a cushion of air is being used to provide reciprocating motion in membrane switch test systems. An Airpel air cylinder, produced […]

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X-Ray Machine Snubbed by Air Dashpots

“If someone has already worked out all the problems in a particular component and it is now available off the shelf at a reasonable cost, why spend time designing it all over again? Why absorb the cost of setting up to manufacture it yourself? “These questions arose when the members of the engineering team at […]

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