Decipher Part Number

Airpot Corporation uses two different part-numbering methods. If you are trying to identify a part number you already have, these guidelines may help you.

1. Our PART DESCRIPTION method will look like this (Basic Model Identifiers in red):

Dashpots Actuators Airpels
160 A 1.00 F 2.50 160 A 1.00 F 2.50 P E9D 1.0 U
2K160 A 1.00 F 2.50 2K160P 1.00 F 2.50 M9D 1.0 U
2KS160 A 1.00 F 2.50 2KS160P A 1.00 F 2.50

Clicking on the appropriate model identifier shown in the drop down box below will display a data sheet showing the basic dimensions and configuration options for that model family. The meaning of the entire part description will become obvious. Please Note: Any Dashpot or Actuator identifier that does not begin with 2K will default to the more recent 2K Model spec. sheets.

2. Our PART NUMBER method will look like this:

  • 85800-1 for Dashpots and Actuators
  • AC4500-1 for Airpel.

This type of part number is assigned to Airpot Corp. products that are not sold as stock configurations. Every customer’s non-stock configuration receives a dedicated part number such as this.

If you need to identify a number like this, please call our sales department at 1-800 848-7681.

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