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Dashpots and Shock Absorbers

Pneumatic Actuators

Airpot dashpots and snubbers are specifically designed for unparalleled damping and energy dissipation accuracy by eliminating friction from their working elements to provide  accurate control of motion, force, and impact.

Airpot offers four product families in our line of customizable pneumatic actuators to meet design specifications with respect to level of friction, stroke, temperature, actuation direction capabilities, outer construction, counting features, and dimensions.

Innovative designers use Airpot® pneumatic actuator and piston/cylinder sets for many original and demanding  applications. With their unparalleled low friction and response to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi, our displacement products are basic building blocks for any design involving pneumatic actuation or displacement.

Displacement Products


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